Stepping outside my comfort zone

A year of firsts

This year has been full of firsts for me – my first business Facebook page, my first blog and this week my first time being interviewed for a radio podcast and short video.

Donna Thistlethwaite from Career Vitality hosts a show on YYYFM called “Work it out”. Donna’s show provides tips for return to work and working parents. When Donna asked me if I’d like to be interviewed for her show I initially felt some trepidation. I’d never been on radio before. As my friends and colleagues can attest I do love talking, but imagined that I’d be nervous and stilted and who would want to listen to me anyway? But when I realised it was fear holding me back I decided to step outside my comfort zone and go for it.

Donna did her best to push me even further outside my comfort zone by asking me right before the podcast recording if I’d like to be interviewed for The 30 Day Video Challenge she’s taking part in. “Right now?” I thought. But I haven’t prepared! Oh well, in for a penny, in for a pound. Donna set up her mobile phone on her trusty tripod. I’m sure she takes it everywhere with her now! And we started recording. One take and we were done. Of course it helped that Donna made me feel so at ease.

Then straight on to the podcast. Headphones – check. Microphone – check. “Script” – check. I realised after I agreed to the interview that in order to feel comfortable with the experience I needed to do some preparation. I needed to know what questions would be asked and have time to reflect on my responses. However, once we started recording, I didn’t need to refer to my notes and the whole interview flowed seamlessly. I even managed to ad-lib!

Lesson for the week

Reconsider that knee-jerk reaction. Don’t miss out on what might be a wonderful experience because of fear. Work out what you need to do to become more comfortable with trying something new. For me it was preparation. For you it might be a case of “try before you buy”, taking along a friend or tackling something in bite-sized chunks.

If you’d like to check out the 3-minute video, please go to

Yours in happiness.

Dianne Krome (founder of Equilibrium Business Consulting)

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