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Shane Jacobson tells the story of being on the set of the Bourne Legacy and how he was shown to his “trailer” which was what he considered a Taj Mahal on wheels with two toilets no less, in the bathroom and a decor to put most houses to shame. As with the case of most movie stars, Shane had an assistant assigned to him for the duration of the filming of the movie, whilst on the set. As Shane exited the “Taj Mahal” to go onto the set, he met his assistant who was coming to talk to him. The assistant was most flustered and anxious as she explained that she had made a horrible mistake and could he please follow her to his new location (his quarters) as they had already moved his bags. Shane at this stage was thinking “yep, thought it was too good to be true” and started moving toward the circus tent of extras and helpers that he thought he would be sharing a bunk with. The assistant stopped him and told him he was heading in the wrong direction and asked him to follow her. By the time they got to the “right” location, Shane was looking in awe at this “trailer” that was bigger and more luxurious than his own home in Australia. He realised he was getting promoted not demoted.

Be Different

The assistant was beside herself advising Shane that she would understand if he wanted her replaced that she was a terrible assistant. “Mate”, he said “don’t be silly. You don’t understand! In Australia if you’re given a trailer you are given a 6 x 4 box that still has wood in it. The assistant replied “you Aussies sure do things differently”. Later, when she felt a bit more comfortable she also explained that she was more shocked that he was calling her “mate” when she was a girl.

Shane was trying to explain how, despite being a successful actor in his own right, with the movie Kenny one of the biggest success stories in Australia and a hit worldwide, he still feels lucky to be an employed actor.

I love the comment “you Aussies sure do things differently”. I feel a great sense of pride too, because it’s nice to know a man whose movie Kenny catapulted him to fame in the Australian and worldwide movie scene. In fact, this movie grossed almost $8 million at the Australian box office, making it the highest grossing Australian film in three years, and was the highest selling Australian DVD release ever! I love that we don’t have pomp and ceremony (even though he surely deserves it). I love that we can surprise people by remembering their names, remembering that even the support crew and teams of people we have are a great resource to us and need to be respected.

I think it is the number one rule of business “do things differently” shake up the game. It’s a great lesson for us to value our staff. To appreciate what life gives us and to remember that our behaviour reflects on our brand.

I love the little business tips or lessons from this hilarious account from Shane Jacobson’s experience.

Business Tip 1:

Firstly, your behaviour is a reflection of you, as your brand. In many instances you are not just representing yourself, you are representing a company, and in some cases your country and your profession. Your behaviour is a direct reflection of you. How do you want to be remembered or better yet, how do you want to be reported? I do not doubt that Shane Jacobson has left a true advocate behind in LA by demonstrating behaviour that was both humble, humorous and genuine.

Business Tip 2:

Secondly, treat your staff the way you would want to be treated. Whilst Shane might have been in “shock” the fact that he didn’t have his assistant fired, or reprimanded surprised her. She became an advocate of the “Shane Jacobson” brand. He remained humble in his dealings – which shocked his staff member. Your staff, your employees are your support crew. They can be your greatest asset if you treat them right. Value them, listen to them, engage with them. Your staff can become your greatest advocates. And this is a great outcome for you and your business, you want this.

Business Tip 3:

Thirdly, the assistant said to Shane, “You Aussies, sure do things differently.” We are all told to find our unique selling proposition in business – how are you or your organisation doing things differently? What can you do that shakes thing up a little for your suppliers, your customers or your staff to stand out from the crowd or the competition? You have organisations that will really shake the landscape like Uber. You don’t have to be this disruptive, you can have just as much impact by focusing on delivering a unique experience for your staff, or customers or your suppliers.

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