Wildfire Business Consulting


When a wildfire sweeps through a forest, it burns away the old and allows for new growth, new beginnings. While it can be frightening and painful during the fire, our forests are resilient. The fire transforms and what emerges is stronger.

To bring new possibilities to your business, sometimes we need to burn away mindset patterns, processes and systems that might be holding you back. Not destroying everything you’ve created, instead breathing new life into your businesses and planting the seeds for new growth.

My purpose is to help you tap into your unique brand of magic – the wisdom you’ve accumulated over years of helping others because what you do is valuable. Together, we turn your wisdom into premium products that create spectacular value for your clients while you get paid what you’re worth.

So that you feel liberated and financially secure, with a deep sense of fulfilment from transforming the lives of more people than you ever dreamed of.

Greater Reach.  Greater Impact.  Greater Value.

Di Krome, Business Growth Strategist


One of my earliest memories of money was coming home from the milk run and counting the coins for my Dad. I used to love counting and organising money. I loved the smell and the sound of the coins flying down the coin sorter.

Maybe that’s why accounting was my favourite subject in high school. I was such a nerd I even won a state-wide accounting competition in grade 12! And of course, I went on to study accounting at uni.

Then I started my career in Chartered Accounting and, in a lot of ways, the reality of working in the money business didn’t live up to the dream. Chartered Accounting is a profession where selling time for money proliferates.

I had to account for every 6 minutes of my life – shackled to my desk working 60 hours per week. Focusing on productivity and how many hours we could bill clients, agonising over time-billing reports at the end of the month.

Partners and staff were more focused on productivity and billable hours than providing value to our clients. Pretty much our sole focus was either saving our clients’ money through taxation planning or helping them to generate more money. We rarely went any deeper.

There were never any discussions about our client’s true purpose – their burning desire to make an impact on the world. We rarely talked about their values – what they stood for. And how they wanted to conduct themselves in their business. It was superficial – skin-deep. As long as they complied with legislation and made money, what did anything else matter?

Not only was this business model demoralising, it placed a ceiling on the amount of revenue the firm could earn. Unless of course, you worked your staff to breaking point, and they didn’t get to have a life outside of work. Passing their spouses and kids like ships in the night.

Along my journey, I’ve learned that while it’s important for businesses to prosper financially, there are other equally important elements to running a successful and meaningful business.

Even though I’m an accountant, I believe that it’s not just about the money but how you make a difference and how you contribute to people’s lives.

There’s passion – that thing that makes you leap out of bed in the morning…that lights you up.

There’s purpose – what you were put on this earth to do. The lives you transform, the hope you bring and the light you shine in dark places.

There are values – those beliefs, ethics and principles that you hold dear, that you are not willing to compromise.

These elements bring meaning to your business, but on their own aren’t enough to prosper.

The 3 Vital Ingredients


For your business to truly thrive and create outstanding value for your clients, your community and yourself, you also need:

  1. the right mindset
  2. the right business model and
  3. the right strategies

I’m a strategist, business mentor and educator. I challenge how you think of yourself and the way you’ve always done things. I ask lots of questions – sometimes too many questions! Often very hard questions. I listen and I help you reflect.

Together, we uncover your true purpose, that burning desire you have to help people and tap into your unique magic. To develop a new business model that’s right for you and your unique journey. And the strategies to get you from where you are now to where you want to be.

I combine my left-brain, anally-retentive accounting, project management and business analysis expertise with my right-brain empathy, intuition and perception. And even though I’m an accountant, there is a big hearted, fun-loving person in there to guide you every step along your journey. Believe it or not, I even have a sense of humour!

So you can grow your profits by transforming your business from selling time to selling those wonderful outcomes you achieve with your clients. Leveraging your wisdom so you can reach more people, impact more lives and create more wealth.

Over a career spanning more than 25 years I have helped hundreds of businesses leverage their wisdom, their intellectual property and their time – to grow their businesses by working smarter, not harder. Helping business owners live their true purpose and gain more time, more money and more freedom.