How to stay true to yourself in business

How to stay true to yourself in business

How do you stay true to yourself? Once you identify your values it’s a great idea to write them down. When you’re making decisions or taking actions in your business come back to your values. Let them guide you when choosing who to work with; which products you’ll sell; sourcing supplies; how your business will impact the environment; and the types of relationships you’d like to develop.

Have you ever felt that sinking feeling when you’ve made a decision? But your mind over-rides it. Often it’s your instincts telling you that you’re about to do something that doesn’t align with your values, morals or ethics. Trust your gut instinct or intuition. It usually knows the right answer long before your rational brain does.

Every time I talk to a small business owner, they have their own story to tell about how they ignored their instincts and the consequences they faced because they didn’t go with their gut. A lot of poor decisions are made because a decision needed to be made in a hurry or out of personal fear (for example, not having work or not making enough money).

I once accepted a job that rationally sounded ideal for me and aligned with my family priorities. However, as soon as the job was offered to me I felt sick in the stomach. I ignored this feeling and within a month I was miserable and working for the boss from hell.

Writing down your core values in business and having them visible from your desk is a great way to bring you back to the “important things” when you are feeling rushed or fearful about a new decision or direction for your life or business.  Slow yourself down by reading through the values before making major decisions and ask yourself – does this support my core values.

The moral to the story: listen to your gut!

Yours in happiness.

Dianne Krome (founder of Equilibrium Business Consulting)

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