Di loves sharing her passion for building value-based businesses, with high-octane business models, that burn brightly in the world.

Entrepreneurs that create real wealth aren’t just in business to make money. They have a burning desire to make a difference in the world and they spark amazing transformations within their clients.

They get fired up about their cause and are driven by a strong sense of purpose and values. They recognise that their value isn’t measured by the time they spend with clients. Their extraordinary value is their ability to impact and empower people. Their wisdom is their greatest asset.

Di speaks about how we can tap into our wisdom and fire up our businesses – creating spectacular value for our clients and community and profiting with conscience.

Di is passionate and engaging and speaks from the heart, bringing alignment to the often-conflicting drivers of values and wealth creation in business.

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From Wisdom to Wealth

Once you recognise the true value you bring to your clients, you can leverage your wisdom and reignite your business by offering premium packages and programs. And start getting paid what you deserve.

In this half-day workshop, learn how to:

  1. Tap into your true wisdom, recognise the outstanding value you bring to your clients and reignite your passion for business
  2. Move beyond selling your time, create wealth from your wisdom and earn what you’re worth
  3. Create a high-octane business model with high-value products and the price tags to match
  4. Reach more people and have a greater impact

Gain access to valuable financial tips, tools and templates and membership to our closed Facebook group.

Leave with a Revenue Road Map to fire up your business and practical strategies for boosting your bottom line immediately.

Because what you do is valuable and you deserve to be rewarded for it.