Ignite Program


Ignite is our kick-start 4-week program for conscious wellness providers looking for that spark to set them ablaze for the coming year. The Ignite Program gives you clarity and confidence about where you’re heading with your business and laser-sharp focus in everything you do. And how to turn your most valuable asset, your wisdom, into wealth.

It’s about reigniting your passion. What gets you fired up, what you love doing and who you love helping.
We explore your Why. Why you do what you do – your cause, your true purpose. Your burning desire to help particular people in a particular way.

We articulate your values – what’s most important to you in life and in your business.
This program then provides the bridge between your passion, your purpose and your values and the type of lifestyle you want to be living through:

  1. audacious goals for yourself, your clients and your causes
  2. the strategies you need to ignite your dream and
  3. a high-octane business model you need to make the kind of money you deserve.

At the end of this program you will have:

  1. tapped into your true purpose – your burning desire to help people
  2. identified your niche – what you want to become known as the “go-to person” for
  3. a clear picture of your ideal client – those people that light you up and bring a smile to your face
  4. strategies for moving beyond the time-for-money modality model that’s limiting your revenue growth and increasing your revenue exponentially without working more hours
  5. strategies for reaching more people and having a greater impact
  6. your new business model, leveraging your wisdom and time, and packaging your magic into premium packages and programs to get you paid what you’re worth and
  7. the key action steps to start transforming your business today.

Giving you a strategy road map to ignite your business and start you on your path to more time, more money and more freedom.

Join Di for:

  • a virtual or in-person 3-hour initial strategy session
  • 2 x 1-hour one-on-one fortnightly mentoring sessions, where you’ll get all your burning questions answered and
  • access to strategy tips, tools and templates.

Because what you do is valuable and you deserve to be rewarded for it.