Flame Program


Flame is our 8-week program for ambitious wellness providers, with an entrepreneurial mindset, looking to accelerate income and profit growth by working smarter, not harder. You recognise that what you do is valuable and it’s time to leverage your wisdom, reach more people and make a greater impact. Our Flame Program is about creating value – value for your clients, your community and yourself. And turning your wisdom into wealth.

It’s about becoming a true entrepreneur, creating something bigger than just you, something of great value.
Is it time for you to go beyond working 1:1 in your local area and start working 1: many, form a strategic alliance or launch into the national or international market? Start creating multiple, passive income streams so your financial position isn’t solely reliant on your blood, sweat and tears? Start working beyond your modality to become a leader, an expert, an influencer? Become a speaker, educator, mentor or author? Work from anywhere, anytime, any way you choose and prosper from your passion.

Is it time to seriously invest in yourself and your business? In R&D, new equipment, technology, branding and marketing? But how do you determine what to invest in? That’s where you need robust analysis and the right financial tools to ensure you get the return on investment you’re after. Guesswork is dangerous and costly. You could end up investing in the wrong things and doing your clients and yourself a disservice.

How do you go from self-employed to well-paid wellness leader? We’ll identify the new systems and processes you’ll need to grow and succeed. Because, what’s serving you now may not serve in the future. Purposeful, strategic consideration of how your business will operate in the future is needed. Establishing integrated, effective, efficient systems and processes. And innovative technology.

Our Flame Program builds on from the Ignite Program where you set goals and develop the strategies and business model to achieve them. It then delves deeper into how you will create extraordinary value in your business, with a financial road map to fire up your business.

Making money in business isn’t just about seeing more clients or making more sales. It’s about having a financial strategy that converts to your bottom line – profit. Together, we’ll design a financial model that provides you with the exponential profit growth you’re looking for.

At the end of this program you will have:

  1. tapped into your true purpose – your burning desire to help people
  2. identified your niche – what you want to become known as the “go-to person” for
  3. a clear picture of your ideal client – those people that light you up and bring a smile to your face
  4. strategies for moving beyond the time-for-money modality model that’s limiting your revenue growth and increasing your revenue exponentially without working more hours
  5. strategies for reaching more people and having a greater impact
  6. your new business model, leveraging your wisdom and time, and packaging your magic into premium packages and programs to get you paid what you’re worth
  7. your new financial model for exponential profit growth
  8. identified what you’ll need to invest in, and an investment plan, to make your dream a reality
  9. identified the key systems, processes, structures and capabilities you will need to put in place to grow successfully and
  10. a step-by-step action plan to start transforming your business today.

Giving you a strategy and financial road map to set your business ablaze and start you on your path to more time, more money and more freedom.

Join Di for:

  • a virtual or in-person 3-hour strategy session
  • 4 * 1½-hour fortnightly one-on-one mentoring sessions, where you’ll get all your burning questions answered
  • unlimited email and phone access, and
  • access to strategy and financial tips, tools and templates.

Because what you do is valuable and you deserve to be rewarded for it.